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Words are harmful things and nobody is aware of the things they say sometimes. Those words could make someone happy or disappointed, it could make someone have hope or feel self concious.  What I am trying to say is that words are powerful and they can hurt or heal. I thought I was healed by some words a friend said but then a few days ago I discovered I wasn’t healed and that I was just blind and that I had a large cut in my heart. What she told me felt like lies and she didn’t realize that.

Slowly I’m healing myself but this time with caution. I don’t want to get a cut again.

Sorry this was such a sad post but this needs to known.

Lots of love,

Thegirlwhoblogsss xxx


The top 5 tips on dealing with stress!

Hi guys!,

So before the holidays started I had been stressing a lot about school, Music practice, friends and generally life. I had so many exams at that point in school and I had my grade 2 Piano exam coming up (it went very well, 2 marks off a distinction!). Quite a lot of drama had happened between people and my friends (don’t worry everything’s fine now). I was worried about my friends. I was also stressing because it had been a while that I hadn’t posted on my blog! (of which I am sincerely sorry!) so today I decided to write, it makes me feel so much better! So many thing are flying around my head. It’s like trying to catch and kill a fly! I’m a very impatient person, I’m so eager to do things that I don’t wait and take my time.

Stress is a general thing, everybody stresses once in a while and everybody needs help to deal with that stress so this lead me to writing this blog post. I want to help any of you having the same problems as I had at school or maybe at work for some of you. Hopefully this will help you (and me!).

1. Avoid Caffeine, Alcohol and Nicotine.

(Okay this does not count for me as I do NONE of this and I am not planning on doing it in the future but maybe it might count for you?)  Try and avoid or at least cut down on these. Instead replace caffeinated drinks or alcoholic drinks with Herbal teas or diluted natural fruit juices.

2. Do some exercise or a physical activity!

Apparently stressing releases stress hormones such as adrenaline or cortisol in your body. When you feel stressed go out on a walk/jog, get some fresh air and enjoy the moment.

3. Get more sleep

(This is something I personally need to do!) Lack of sleep can cause a lot of stress but stress also can stop us from sleeping as your thoughts keep flying around in your head, stopping you from relaxing. Instead of taking medication: don’t drink any energy drinks, take a nice warm bath maybe or read to get things off your mind and relax you so you can go to sleep well.

4. Be organised

I tend to find I stress because I’m not organised enough or at all or I tend to procrastinate… Maybe make a plan of your day, pick out the most important or the biggest thing you need to do and do it! You will feel a lot better when you’ve done it!

5. Talk to someone

Talking to someone can feel good because it can relieve all the tension that’s built up or distract you from your thoughts. It can help you get given advice and help.

Information found:

I really do hope that this was helpful! Please check the website up above for even more tips!

lots of love,

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Opinionated or Argumentative?

Hi guys!,

Sorry I’ve been a bit inactive its because I’ve had many things to do and I needed to brainstorm a bit for a new post… but here it is: Opinionated or Argumentative?

So recently I’ve been getting comments from a few of my friends that I’m very argumentative (bad) to which I totally disagree with. Then, when I went to ask some other friends if I was argumentative (I told them to say honestly) they said no. Instead they said I was very opinionated and that it was good I was like that.

Once I said to a friend “I might go and talk to Kaylee because she’s been saying very racists comments lately.” in response I got:

“you’re being a bit argumentative *Name* just leave her alone.”

I got really upset at that… I don’t remember what I replied back.

Since the moment my friends told me I was argumentative the word has been whizzing around my head, making me feel upset and has also made me have bit of a meltdown. So this left me thinking about how I acted.  Therefore, I went on Google and searched up the definitions of the words  Argumentative and Opinionated and this is what I got:

1. Argumentative: given to arguing. “an argumentative child”

2. Opinionated: Someone who isn’t afraid to give their personal opinion. “An Opinionated man”

Now, I do not like to start an argument and I do not like to be in an argument because its not nice and it’s not fun for either me or the person who I’m arguing with and Its not nice seeing a close friend arguing with someone else. I will not start an argument.

However, An argument will start if I share my opinion and someone objects to it or says its ridiculous. I do like to tell/share my opinion and I do not like it if someone stops me from sharing it. If someone stops me from sharing my opinion I will force my way through until my opinion has reached there little/big ears and they have understood my side of the story. I will listen to others opinions because we all have different opinions and I like to debate (not meanly) about it.

I think my friends misinterpreted that I was opinionated and said I was argumentative just because I like to make my opinion very clear and if they don’t listen I will force my way until they listen.

Sorry but I had to let this out…

Can you relate? Do you disagree or have an opinion to this post? please write it down in the comments below!

Lots of love,

Thegirlwhoblogsss xxx

p.s its been 6 months since I started this blog! wow! I love you All lots and thank you so much!

Smiling is what makes the day just a little brighter

Hi guys!,

As someone who smiles everyday, I thought I might write about it ( I know it’s not that amazing but it might help!)

I smile everyday, not to be polite (half-true) but for the pleasure of it! I don’t do fake smiles, I do genuine smiles to strangers, friends, and generally anyone! I may not know them but if it makes me happy and them happy too then I’m glad to have done that! what I LOVE is when I smile at someone and they smile back but its a real genuine smile! It makes me feel (okay this may sound crazy) loved (lol) and I automatically like them. What I HATE is when I smile at someone and they look at me like I’m a total weirdo, then I automatically hate them. haha weird right?

What the point of this post is that no matter how your feeling always smile! and always smile to someone because you never know they might be having a bad day, so be there sunshine for a few seconds and the effect of that ill last the whole day. Trust me, when I’ve had bad days my spirit almost seemed to lift up at the moment someone’s smiled at me!

“I have many problems in my life. But my lips don’t know that. They always smile!” – Charlie Chaplin.

That quote explains may thing!

anyway that’s all for now!

lots of love,

Thegirlwhoblogsss xxx

Sometimes It just gets too much…


Hi guys!

I’ve been feeling a little down recently because so many things have been happening with my friends and sometimes I feel like it all gets a bit too much and that my friends do not like me.
I’ve tried to tell my friends this but each time it comes out wrong and it turns into a massive argument or “Oh come on your being ridiculous! You know we don’t hate you!”
Okay they probably don’t but the way they act and how they react to certain things and agree about certain things about me makes me feel really upset and insecure. It’s like there is something wrong with me and they don’t like it!?…

The other day two of my best friends ditched us, all of a sudden for a joke, I didn’t really care because it was something that they did all the time. After that I found out that they had a reason they ran off: To gossip about me. When I found out I was really upset! They were talking about me overreacting. I must admit I do overreact but sometimes the smallest thing I do is automatically an overreaction to them when it’s not!
What made me even more upset was that my best friend (the one that I have known for ever!) Agreed with what they said about me! I got defensive because I didn’t want to show my sadness but I sure did show her I was annoyed! It hurt me bad and they didn’t even care obviously! They said I am a very “argumentive” person. Yes, I am because I have learnt to defend myself because in the past – when I was younger – people used to manipulate me and I was too kind. I never said no but now, I do and I seem to be “too strong” now though I still am kind and polite to everyone, I haven’t all of a sudden turned mean I have just become defensive because each time I open up myself I always get hurt in one way or another.

Also I feel like my friends always pick on me and tell me all my flaws. Yes, I know Im not perfect but it doesn’t mean they have to pick out my imperfections and tell everyone else. It really makes me insecure and upset:'(. Last week I cried for no reason but I think it was really just because I was fed up of everything and everyone.

Each time I try to say express my feelings to them, they just either laugh or saying Im being ridiculous or say Im an attention seeker! I do like the attention but I do not seek it! I was trying to get some help but they were no help! The only one who understands me is (let’s call her “M”(it’s her initial)) M and Becky. She understands me with all of this because she’s experienced this and also doesn’t find my feelings for my boyfriend “cringey” or funny, she finds it cute. I feel like I can liberate myself when I am with her! With my other best friend (J) she understands some of it apart from the boyfriend stuff she finds it “cringey” and it makes me really uncomfortable and embarrassed to tell her about this kind of subject because she will just find it funny or weird. I dont know if you remember but I had a post called “emotions” when I showed her this post she laughed and found it cringey because I was so embarrassed I deleted it:|… I was quite disappointed because I would of thought she would of acted maturely about it but no…

Sorry this was so sad I will try and make a happier post next time!:)
Any ways of trying to sort this out or do you have a physcological explanation for this about me? This would be lovely of you! Thank you so much!! 😘

Lots of love,
Thegirlwhoblogsss xxx

Being forgetful can sometimes be bad…

Hi guys!,

To start of with Im so sorry I haven’t been active, my dad confiscated my tablet for the last 3 weekends…:(

So lately I’ve been a bit forgetful… resulting in some bad things… do you want to know what? Well continuing reading…
My friends always say “remind me to take this” “remind me to take that!” And blah blah blah and I’m like “you know you can’t count on me!?, Im so bad at remembering!” Well sometimes being forgetful is really bad e.g…

I left my flute on the bus! Yes, Yes I know it’s not that amazing but I was so upset and I panicked because I had my lesson in 5 minutes after I found out that I left it on the bus! Luckily with some help from the school reception and my mum she managed to call the bus company and asked them of there was a flute on the bus… and there was!.so, this morning I collected it on the bus…phew!

My parents weren’t happy! My mum even thought I didn’t care which wasn’t true! I cried! Parents sometimes…

Being forgetful can be good but also can be bad…

I hope you enjoyed this and made you think about yourself! Please leave a comment down below⬇if you have any stories! I would love to read them!

Lots of love,

Thegirlwhoblogsss xxx

Book recommendations!

Hey guys!,

I thought this posts topic could be about books?!

I love books! I read them all the time literally!  Before I go to sleep I always read a chapter or two in my bed but I… you know… sometimes…get a little…just a little… carried away and read 3 or 4 chapters!…oops? And then my parents tell me off for staying up so late and blah blah blah you know what I mean!?

But it’s not my fault the books I read are so good, it’s the authors fault really for making the book/s so good!? Isn’t it?

So I thought “Hey! Why not give my own recommendation of books to read? As I’m so into books!”

And here you go here are my top 5 recommended books to read (these are my recommendations so this may not be exact and as I’m not bothered to write the summary as it will be too long click on the hyper links and follow!)

1. The divergent series
Divergent, insurgent, allegiant and the bonus Four are all the books of this series, I’ve read all of them and they are great!

2. The hunger games
The hunger games, catching fire and mockingjay I’ve read them all!
Many of you have probably read it and seen the films but I’ll leave the websites for those who haven’t heard if it!
The hunger games

3. The gone series
Gone, hunger, lies, fear, plague and light. I’m reading lies now! 
It’s such a great series and a very creative idea.
The gone series

4. The fault in our stars
The fault in our stars is very emotional book and it’s an eye opener. I’ve read the book and seen the film and both cried in them (I cried way more in the film)
The fault in our stars

5. Wonder
This is a very good book it shows how it feels like to be treated when you have disability highly recommend this book! I’ve read this too!

If you disagree with my list or have your own list of recommendations please comment down below I would love to see because I would love to read books that I haven’t heard of or seen!

I hope this was helpful!
Lots if love,

Thegirlwhoblogsss xxx